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A Client Case Study - CNE Australia

Meet Sean!

Sean is a highly experienced and qualified Fire Investigator and licensed electrician. An average week can see him and his business partner (Chris) in multiple states and on long road trips, often to the middle of nowhere. Much time is spent in transit, whether at airports or on the road, challenging his ability to stay on top of his admin.

I started working for Sean when he was employed as an investigator. He had reached a point where he was struggling with his workload and knew something had to change. Sean specifically wanted an assistant he didn’t have to explain ‘everything’ to, someone familiar with how insurance works and the intricacies of claims. Enter the EA with an insurance background (me).

Unlike many of those new to virtual admin support, Sean embraced the concept and relinquished the tedious administrative side of his job with pleasure. Fast forward 8 months, Sean and Chris launched their own company, and I have worked with CNE Australia since its inception in December 2021.

Travel and accommodation bookings, registering jobs/booking jobs, client/stakeholder liaison, reports, tracking work in progress, completing documents for suppliers (and listening to Sean’s jokes) are all in a week’s work with CNE. Research is a big part of my role. Whether finding a sparky in remote South Australia, arranging a courier to transport evidence or Glycol suppliers in Australia, it saves Sean time so he can concentrate on the intricacies of investigation work.

Recently, they scored a job in my neck of the woods (literally 3 minutes from my house), and I had the opportunity to do a walk-through of a fire-damaged home. Wow, what an eye-opener! It’s fair to say photos don’t truly reflect the intensity and sheer devastation a fire can cause in a matter of minutes. Whilst it was very interesting to see it first-hand, I'm happy to sit at my desk in my comfy chair and be Sean’s ‘right-hand’ person (always PC), ready to do whatever he needs to make his work life flow more freely.

Working with me is a plus for CNE as we don’t have set hours and times. If the work is there, it gets done; if it’s not, I spend time on other clients. They aren’t paying me to sit around looking for something to do as they would with an employee. Keeping it flexible also works as things can pop up that need to be done urgently, and I accommodate these requests whenever possible.

This role perfectly suits my skills, and I enjoy working with the guys at CNE. Sean will happily tell anyone and everyone how my service is a game changer for the business.

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