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Stay Accountable with CanDo

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If you are having trouble staying focused, CanDo will help clear your vision and right the rudderless ship to get you sailing in the right direction with weekly accountability catch-ups and email check-ins.

Ask yourself – ARE YOU:

  • Easily distracted by tasks that aren’t that important or suffer from ‘bright shiny object’ syndrome, another time waster.

  • Tired and lacking motivation to get the work done

  • Lacking confidence and listening to the pesky little person on your shoulder telling you you’re not good enough, a fraud, an imposter.

  • Finding it hard to maintain focus working alone and struggling to implement and maintain a plan to build your dream business

To me, this is “faffing” (definition - spending time in ineffectual activity) when you’ll do anything easy or fun but not what needs to be done. I am, at times, a faffer (but never with my clients), and I can spot a faffer a mile off.

How do accountability check-in calls and emails work?


1. Initial Review of your business: The first step – a 2-hour review of your business, pinpointing areas of concern, and reviewing admin processes, goals and vision.


2. Planning and Scheduling: Together, we create an action plan, including targets and key dates to work towards.

3. 30-min. Accountability Calls: During weekly Zoom calls, we will focus on getting you started, finding a rhythm and achieving your goals.

Points we can cover:

  • Review business foundations

  • What’s working & what’s not

  • Measure/track your success

  • Help to form habits for success

  • Mindset & confidence

  • Help you to stay ahead of the game


4. Weekly work calendar: At the end of each call, you will commit to completing particular action items during the week, ready for our next check-in.


5. Review what you achieve: At the beginning of each call, you will give an update on your progress, where you’ve succeeded and failed.


Your Investment


Initial 2hr review - $250

Then $199 per fortnight ongoing.



  • A 30-minute weekly call

  • Email check-ins to support, motivate & inspire.

  • FREE BONUS – I will be your biggest CHEERLEADER


Optional Extra

  • Provision of admin support to help achieve your goals.

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