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Let’s talk about…….taming your To-Do List

While finding my feet as a VA, I set out with the intention of providing a HUGE list of services to ANYBODY with a pulse who wanted to pay me for my time.

It’s been a “work-in-progress” and establishing a point of difference has been challenging. Pinpointing my Ideal Client or ICA’s was a real struggle but over time, the universe has led me to where I now feel I can truly make a difference.

My ideal client is a middle-aged woman who is running a small business, probably on her own, possibly in the (life & business) coaching area. She is pouring her heart & soul into the business and may or may not have children at home. She has little spare time and a To-Do List that is OCC (out of control). She has huge dreams and is extremely time poor, potentially losing sleep over everything that she needs to do.

Queue the To-Do List Tamer (that’s me😊).

I’ve developed a 5 Step To-Do List Taming System that I work through with my clients to guide them gently (or not – your choice) to the end goal – no more OCC To-Do List. I do this in conjunction with a personalised, printable To-Do List for every client where we “START WITH THE END IN MIND”.

If you are a visual person, how great is the feeling of crossing something off your list? I know right, it feels amazing and reaffirms, in what can be some crazy days, that you have accomplished more than you thought you did.

Want to know more? Give me a shout.

Bookings are filling fast and I’d hate for you to miss out.

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