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Client Story #2

You’ve all heard that people deal with people they “know, like and trust”. I met Dr Sharn Rocco (PhD) through Her Business but got to know her better when we did an online course together last year.

Sharn’s business – Mindful Works, designs and delivers mindfulness-based wellbeing, professional development and mentoring programs, online and in-person, to organisations committed to staff wellbeing and promoting a positive workplace culture. Sharn has extensive experience as a meditation and mindfulness practitioner, teacher, researcher and teacher educator. She integrates this experience with skills and understandings accrued from years of designing curriculum, teaching and facilitating learning for large and small groups in education, health, corporate and community settings.

I first worked with Sharn on an “urgent” project to create a flyer for R U OK Day to be distributed to her client organisations “the next day”. While next day turn around is not always possible, I made it happen, and she was thrilled with the final product.

Sharn has since engaged me to help with the promotion and organisation of her annual Mindfulness Retreat. My tasks included creating a landing page and Asana project management template for the event, managing ticketing through Humanitix, arranging targeted Facebook ads, setting up automation in Convertkit and sending follow up Broadcast emails to attendees.

I’ve also provided support to brainstorm new ideas for the business, given tech guidance, updated Excel spreadsheets and created Wordles (Word Clouds) for her.

With a list of things to do that only ever gets longer and opportunities and obligations calling for attention, meeting Deb and engaging her VA services has taken the pressure off. She is easy to communicate with and willing to give anything a go.”

Dr Sharn Rocco – Mindful Works

As you can see, “What CanDo can do for you” depends entirely on what you need and whether or not I have the skills to assist. Book a free VA Strategy Session today to learn more.

You don’t have to do it ALL…

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