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To-Do List v's To-Done List - Taming Tips

I’ve come across many small business owners with OOC (out of control) To-Do Lists.

OOC – sounds like a deadly dis-ease, doesn’t it!!

They have so much to do but have no idea where to start.

They have big ideas, may have attended one too many webinars, are suffering from information overload and are STUCK.

So how do you effectively prioritise your tasks to relieve the overwhelm and move forward in your business &/or life?

Divide & Concur, that’s how.

1. WRITE your To-Do List on paper - DON’T keep it in your head. Once on paper, it’s more acceptable to your subconscious mind and you are more likely to take action.

2. Divide the tasks into categories 1. Critical 2. Important but not Critical 3. Other

3. Choose the top 3 critical tasks to tackle first. “EAT THAT FROG”– once you’ve crossed off the most daunting task, the rest will seem easier.

4. Cross completed tasks off your list – this is an amazing feeling & also gives you a visual record of what you’ve achieved.

5. Set deadlines.

6. Avoid the temptation to do the easy things first.

7. Avoid bright shiny objects at all costs – distractions & procrastination are time & energy- sapping.

8. If you are a webinar or short course junkie – STOP IT NOW unless you want another “fatal dis-ease” - information overload.


TMI (too much information) is useless if you don’t put it into action.

9. Seriously consider OUTSOURCING tasks to alleviate the overwhelm.

These tips are all well & good in theory but it does take a certain amount of dedication on your part. If accountability is your problem then perhaps you need some assistance in this area.

At CanDo VA Solutions, I help time-poor small business owners turn their To-Do List into a To-Done List through my Tame Your To-Do List virtual services.

What’s that? Did I hear you say “HELP”? Get in touch & let’s have a chat.

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